Welcome to the home of bdepoel.nl TESTING THE .NL DOMAIN
Here are some weather templates you can check out. The appearance of these templates,
unlike the well-known sites, is customizable. Sometimes even to a great extent.
Your weather station must be able to upload information to the web 24/7.
I myself use a domain provider and use a meteobridge to send the
information to my site. But there are also people who use
it with their own server or a Raspberry Pi
No. 1 - Aurora-master MKII -
For more options check the menu at the bottom of the completely renewed Aurora template

No. 2 - Personal Weather Station Dashboard -
In the menu, top left, on that page you will discover even more

No. 3 - Weer28 -
Highly customizable a favorite of many

No. 4 - Meteo Template -
Can be personalized very well and fairly easily once you get the hang of it

Click on this if you have questions or want more information
I am neither a programmer nor the builder of these templates,
but I know obstacles and some solutions to set up a nice personal weather page

God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them
Date Created: Wo Feb 3 14:08:28 2021